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Youth working together in harmony and love to lift each other up in Christ and to lead a holy and separated life in God.

The Southside Church of God in Christ welcomes all teens and young adults between the ages of

13-19 to be a part of the Purity Class. The Purity Class wants to reach the youth through the love of Jesus. Working together and being there for each other is our goal. We want to keep values through Christian living and guide our youth during all stages of life. We have great things in store for our youth and we hope you will be a part of this wonderful ministry. 



The Purity Class is an auxiliary of the Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ. It was founded in 1926 by the late Mother C.J. Johnson. The aim of the Purity Class is to help keep in focus the true values of good morals, high standards of living, Christian virtues and to discourage all forms of behavior that violate true Christian worship.



Through the Purity Class, puritans (ages 13-19) will have the opportunity to learn social graces, courtesy, manners, money management and practical reactions to life's experiences.


Purity Prayer

Lord, for tomorrow and its need, I do not pray

Keep me from every strain of sin, just for today

Let me no wrong or idle words, unthinking say

Set thou a seal upon my lips, just for today


Purity Creed

Creed Creed....

Let, therefore, Purity Reign

In the heart of every boy and girl

or Mister and Miss Purity

Let purity Rule

Let purity Govern

Let it be your inner-most being







The Purity Class highlights youth who are dedicted members of the church. We want to acknowledge our youth and continue to guide them in their endeavors. 


Erica Wilson, the daughter of Elder Draylon Wilson and Missionary Rebekah Wilson, is a dedicated member of the Puirty Class. She loves to sing, shop, read and watch sports. Erica is a member of the Cross Country team at Ridgeview High School. She is a student who is devoted to the church. Erica loves going to church becuase she can obtain a true foundation of the Word. Erica also enjoys the various youth activites such as the youth choir and the youth usher board. Her time in the purity class is a great experience. She is exicted about the life lessons taught. Life skills such as dinner etiquette and proper dress attire are welcomed and inspire her to become a better person in her life's journey.

Jayla Franklin, the daughter of Sharea Frankin and Tracy Pratt, is another dedicated member of the Purity Class. She is a student at Landmark Middle School. Her favorite hobbies include shopping, playing volleyball and running track. She is an avid listener of contemporary gospel music. Jayla enjoys what the class has to offer. She loves how the leaders in the purity class present the necessary skills to prepare for the real world. Going to church is an important aspect of her life. She loves the Word and gains insight on how to live by God's Word. 

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